Southern California Half Arabian Association

  The Southern California Half Arabian Association was chartered in the late 1960's by a group of individuals dedicated to the Half Arabian horse. The charter board members included: Alice and Rocky Wright, Bill Hughes, and Bill and Hilda Walrath. The club doesn't have a lot of information on the actual chartering of SCHAA but we have a very descriptive account of the very first show held by the club. In 1969, SCHAA had a grand total of $14.85 in it's treasury. Rocky Wright suggested that they sponsor a horse show. The question was asked "What are we going to use for money?" To which Rocky replied "Hell, we'll do it on the cuff!" And they did! Bob and Joan Stearns furnished the ring for the show at their ranch in Riverside, Bill Walrath was the announcer. Hilda Walrath processed the entries (by hand - no computers in those days). Rocky was the judge and Alice was his ring Mistress. Jim Clark brought the chuck wagon so everyone could eat and have strength enough to make it through the day. Other members working that day included John and Sue Burkman, John and Pat Powell, Richard and Alma Ward, Sheila Kumejian Benedict, Joyce Mallett, Toni Oppegard, Margaret Little and Chuck and Karen Knowlton. When the day was over SCHAA was $1,400 richer and well on it's way to what is now a very active club within Region 1.